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What Is Get Help App™

Get Help App™ Program (GHAPP) is a nationwide application created by FREE to assist formerly incarcerated individuals with their daily needs and resources to reduce recidivism. Get Help App™ is a free application that ensures formerly incarcerated individuals can stay connected, find jobs, have assistance and access to health care services, maintain a connection with their families and children, and access help in an emergency. GHAPP is a ‘simple’ platform of support for formerly incarcerated individuals that provides mentorship, mental health counseling, medical counseling, employment opportunities, and a direct link to resources in order to provide them with the best opportunity for success and sustained re-entry back into their communities.

GHAPP is one of the most cost effective programs constructed ​

$1,400,000 total annual cost of
​programming combined for
​ALL 50 states. 

340,000 to 680,000 estimated
number of individuals impacted
​by programming. 

$2.06 to $4.11 per person
per year total cost to support one
formerly incarcerated individual.  

Get Help App™ allows the formerly incarcerated, especially those affected by substance abuse and drug addictions, to access help at the press of a button. App users can communicate via voice call or text message with a live mentor, or call for help via our 24-hour referral resource hotline. Usage of the application is
completely confidential and anonymous.

View our media kit here. 

Features of The Get Help App™

  • 24/7 access to licensed counselors specializing in domestic violence, PTSD, and suicide prevention
  • Easy access to licensed Nurse Practitioners
  • 24/7 Mentoring by an experienced trained professional*
  • Downloadable Vouchers and funds to local restaurants and public transportation
  • 24/7 Resource referrals for food, housing/shelters, and more
  • 24/7 Text messaging
  • Daily employment opportunities
  • 12-Step meeting locator
  • Milestone and birthday celebrations
  • Downloadable important documents
  • ​Available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Register for the Get Help App™ Program ​

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Your Success is FREEdom

Over 688,000 individuals are released from American prisons each year. FREE is dedicated to the long-term success of every individual. FREE stands with you and wants you to be a productive member of your community and will help you achieve your goals.

App users successful outcome includes the following:

  • Work skills, self-sufficiency, and employment
  • Reduce risky behaviors
  • Increase psychological well-being and reduce stress as well as PTSD
  • Promote future mentorship


This free service is supported by FREE through its Social Enterprises.

*GHAPP is not designed to replace long-term therapy; the mentors are not therapists, but trained counselors mandated to listen and provide in-the-moment support for GHAPP participants in an urgent time of need.