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Empowering Second
Chances, Building Futures

Who we are

Established in July 2013, Freedom House Reentry Education and Employment Corporation (FREE) is a non-profit organization providing reentry services to formerly incarcerated adults, veterans, and caring social services for their children. FREE is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit
​organization ​in California and New York.

Our Mission

FREE is dedicated to reducing recidivism through our personalized ​reentry programs and by creating social enterprise ​​opportunities that empower the formerly​ incarcerated, ​​their families, and their communities.

Our Programs

Programs Paving
the Way to Reentry Success

Social Enterprise

Sustainable Solutions
for Reentry Success

A social enterprise with 501 (c) 3 partner has several advantages that make it ideal for providing employment to ex-offenders.Some of these advantages include: Fiscal Responsibility – It reduces the myriad costs of public supports for people facing barriers, by providing a pathway to economic self-sufficiency for those it employs. Public Safety – It makes the community which it operates safer by disrupting cycles of poverty, crime, incarceration, chemical dependency and homelessness.

Economic Opportunity – How we generate revenue. It improves our pool of human capital and creates jobs in communities in need of economic renewal.

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​Your past should not dictate your future. Our team is passionate about giving formerly  incarcerated individuals the opportunity they deserve. FREEdom to easily access support. FREEdom to provide for themselves and their families with a livable wage. FREEdom to plan for their future and the lives of their children.

·  Provide employment services personalized to your needs
·  Mentoring services via our Get Help App™ and Vet Help App™
·  Access to resources for formerly incarcerated people
·  Social services for formerly incarcerated adults and their children
·  Our Children With Incarcerated Parents programming is designed
    to deliver wrap-around services to children affected by parental
​    incarceration

Let’s Connect
With Us

A social enterprise with 501 (c) 3 partner has several
advantages that make it ideal for providing employment
to ex-offenders.